Friendly Mouser

Katch’em & Release ‘em! Don’t Kill’em!.

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Do you have a little guest

that has decided to winter over

with you — uninvited?

Katch’em & Release ’em back where they came from!

     Reclaim your territory before they have time to  spread the word!

                      This IS  the better mouse trap you have always heard about—- MICE CUBE!

With the “Mice Cube” you can  easily and safely Katch’em without creating the nightmare for yourself of handling poisons or dead and smelly rodents!


Clear Durable Plastic Construction:  Just simply walk by it to see what’s happen’n - - - No need to continuously pick it up and try to figure out if somebody’s in there.


Indeed, the mouse will be a little war hero to his friends—but he will NOT want to return to the battle-ground site of his capture!


Oh, he will be scared out of his wits - but will be completely unharmed!

          The Mice Cube

Safe, Clean, Reliable, Reusable, Silent, Humane, Easy to Use

PRICE:     $9.95

For Package of Two (2)

Directions For Use:

1. To bait trap, place a peanut or a piece of cheese at the far end of the trap so that the door swings freely.

2. Place the trap on the floor along the wall or in an area where mouse droppings are prevalent.  If a corner is available, it is best to “wedge” the trap there just in case you catch a big Old Trooper that is clever enough to turn the trap on it’s side for a stealthy escape.

3. WARNING: check your trap once or twice a day, as the mouse will expire if left in the Mouse Cube for an extended period of time.

4. To release your captive, take the Mice Cube outside, set it on the ground,  turn it on its side and push the swinging door open so he can exit.  You might have to walk away for a bit so that the traumatized mouse can gather enough courage to move out.

5. Rinse the trap well with hot soapy water, allow it to dry and reuse as many times as necessary.





The Mice Cube

BonnyBleu International is a distributor for the Pied Piper Mouse Cube and supplies them under it’s own brand name of “Friendly Mouser.”